Feb. 2, 2023

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ACE tutoring
NDSU has several resources to assist students with their studies.

College courses can be tough; sometimes students need a little assistance with their studies.

At NDSU, that help is close at hand.

“One of the things that makes NDSU so special is how truly committed we are to helping students succeed,” said Michelle Pearson, Student Success Programs assistant director for learning services. “There are so many options for support and connection for students to explore.”

Some of NDSU’s tutoring services include Academic Collegiate Enhancement, known as ACE; the Math Emporium; and the Center for Writers.


ACE tutoring, located in the lower level of the West Dining Center, offers free support for NDSU students in a variety of courses and subjects. Students can seek help either in-person at the ACE center or join a tutor online.

Students like NDSU freshman Maxwell Marks wholeheartedly endorse the program.

“ACE has been a big part of my success in school,” said Marks, an agricultural and biosystems engineering major from Olivia, Minnesota. “ACE has helped me get through classes and steered me in the right direction.”

In particular, Marks had some difficulty transitioning from his high school Calculus I course to Calculus II at the collegiate level.

“I have been going to ACE since the first week college started, and I truly believe the tutors who helped me are the reason I am doing well in class,” Marks said. “The tutors do what you need – whether that is helping with homework, teaching a subject or reviewing a topic with you. The tutors at ACE are always willing to help and they always seem to have a smile on their faces.”

At ACE, students can build an academic network with other students who are interested in the same courses, increase their confidence and get the help they need to review the key concepts of a course.

“The ACE tutoring environment is extremely welcoming, friendly and professional,” Marks said. “People who are embarrassed to go get extra help should not be afraid. Every tutor in the room is willing to help and listen. Everyone at ACE will do whatever they can to best serve you.”


The hybrid course connects lecture, technology and tutoring to enhance student success in college algebra and trigonometry. The Math Emporium lab is located in the basement of NDSU’s main library, and a popular place to turn to for help.

“The Math Emporium holds students accountable for their work and it allows students to get immediate help from knowledgeable teacher assistants,” said Alexis Faller, a freshman biological sciences major from Maple Grove, Minnesota.

“It has helped me understand the concepts we are learning in class on a deeper level,” Faller said. “That’s helped me do well on the tests, and I now feel more prepared going into a higher-level math course next semester.”

Each week, students spend time in a large lecture where material is reviewed and they turn in material from guided notebooks. They also spend two hours in the computer lab working on their notebooks, quizzes and homework. When they have demonstrated partial mastery of the subject, they take exams in the computer lab.

Instructors, graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate tutors are available to help students as needed.

“The Math Emporium lab allows students to progress past topics that they already understand and, instead, focus their effort on subjects for which they might need better understanding, said Mohamed Baghzali, senior lecturer of mathematics and Math Emporium coordinator. “The lab is open for 49 hours weekly and staffed with seven graduate and four undergraduate teaching assistants.


The Center for Writers provides no-cost writing support to NDSU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. The center is located in the lower level of the main library.

The center’s goal is to help its clients become independent writers. Writing consultants help on a wide variety of topics, such as academic writing, presentations and resumes.

“The Center for Writers is an invaluable resource for students because they not only help you with your current assignment, but they teach you the skills needed to become a successful writer as your collegiate career continues,” said Seth Herner, a junior who has dual majors in mechanical engineering and physics.

“Sessions with a writing mentor are always a great experience. I have worked with multiple mentors and every one of them is friendly and eager to assist in any way they can,” said Herner, who is from Dickinson, North Dakota. “For me, the most helpful part is simply being able to talk about my ideas to help get them into words. The mentors always make sure you are learning from the session and understanding their suggestions to improve your assignment.”

During one-on-one and group consultations in a friendly environment or sessions via Zoom, peer tutors answer questions, provide feedback and guide students to a clearer understanding of writing assignments and instructor expectations. The center also provides writing courses, workshops, grant-writing guidance, services for distance students and resources for writers and writing instructors.

“Even strong writers benefit when they visit us because we provide insight into how readers make sense of their texts,” said Mary Pull, center director. “We also provide opportunities for students to practice their oral presentations and to prepare documents for job applications and internships.”

The bottom line about the tutoring programs: NDSU wants students to succeed.

For more on how ACE tutoring, the Math Emporium and Center for Writers help students succeed, visit NDSU’s official YouTube page.

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